Friday, February 15, 2008

Random Stuff....

Not much to say about these items. We were doing a little shop cleaning and came upon all sorts of random stuff that we would like to see go away. So without further ado...

1. 1 Sakae SX Crankarm, right, 165, 130BCD: few scratches, NOS

2. 1 Shimano 105 Crankarm, right, 175, 130BCD: few scratches, NOS

3. Set, Shimano Deore Mechanical Disc Brakes (no rotors): these are low level Deore and came off a bike converted to hydraulic. Other than that I really don't know much of their history except they are new and have never been used. They have some rub wear from hanging around the shop.

4. 1 Sakae Tandem Crankarm, left, 170, 110BCD: some scratches, NOS

5. 1 Campagnolo Chorus Crankarm, left, 172.5: minor scratches, NOS

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