Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Mondonico EL-Os

This is a beautiful, handmade, lightweight frame. It has never been built up. It was one of Antonio Mondonico's last frames before he retired and during a visit to our store we had him sign the top tube. His technique is unique and you can read more about it here. The fork which will ship with the frame is not the same one pictured. It is the same model, but it is a threadless fork and has been lightly used.

- Built entirely from Columbus oversize Nivacrom EL-Os tubes
- Chrome right chainstay, rear tips
- Monostay rear triangle
- Red, American paint

- Hand signed by Antonio Mondonico on top tube. (You may want to clear coat the signature because if your legs rub the top tube as the signature was done with a paint pen and may rub off.)

All items we offer may show minor shopwear and we will note any major issues. If you have any questions please ask them!

Frame Geometry (center to center):

- Frame size: 60 cm

- Head Tube: 74.5 degrees

- Head Tube: 17.4 cm

- Seat Tube: 73.5 cm

- Top Tube: 59 cm
- Chainstay: 41.3 cm


- Threadless

- Chrome plated

- Handmade

- Investment Cast Fork Crown and Ends
- Steerer: 24.2 cm

- The fork offered with the frame was built up for another customer's Mondonico and shows very minor wear. The steerer has been cut but is still plenty long enough for most riders. The fork in the pictures is the original threaded fork and the threadless fork which will ship with the frame is the same model.

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